Keep Alive O2 Oxygen Bottle
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KeepAlive Oxygen Bottles come in 3 sizes. Add a regulator, a diffuser and a airline for a complete O2 Bait system.

No batteries, no wiring, just lots of micro bubbles.

The complete O2 system makes up to 6 times more oxygen than a standard aerator. O2 will actually cool the water (remove heat), unlike an aerator that uses outside air to mix in with your livewell water. KeepAlive Pure Oxygen Infusion Systems use Brass CGA 540 Inlet Cylinder Valves.

Cylinders can be refilled from inexpensive commercial welding oxygen sources.

At the 1/32 LPM setting. An 11" bottle lasts for 136 hours, the 15" for 226 hours and the 24" for 362 hours

CYLINDER DIMENSIONS (Not including valve) KA915 11" Tall, 4.38" Diameter, 255 liters/9 cubic feet. KA915 15" Tall, 4.38" Diameter, 425 liters/15 cubic feet. KA924 24" Tall, 4.38" Diameter, 680 liters/24 cubic feet.

Cylinders have a white coat of baked on bonded powder paint. RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE FOR VALVING OXYGEN CYLINDERS Warning: Not for medical use! Use industrial oxygen available from local welding shops.

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Keep Alive O2 Oxygen Bottle

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