KeepAlive Complete Oxygen System
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Everything you need to get started keeping the best bait. One of the simplest ways to dissolve oxygen in water is to introduce the oxygen as small bubbles. The smaller the bubbles the more efficient the absorption of oxygen. Microbubble oxygen diffusers produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles - 100 to 500 microns. This is much finer than graphite or carborundum diffusers, or porous hose.

You choose between an 11", 15" or 24" bottle. Choose your size of hose (4', 7' or 15')System comes with bottle, regulator, airline and diffusor/airstone.

At 1/32 setting, the 11" bottle lasts for 136 hours, the 15" lasts 226 hours and the 24" lasts 362 hours.

Just fill up with oxygen at any welding shop or bait store.

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KeepAlive Complete Oxygen System

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