Redi Rig Float
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Put away your balloons. No more getting balloons stuck in your rod tip, or cutting them off after they pop. Redi Rig floats simplify the process.

Depth control, made simple and affordable.  Fight the fish, not the tackle.

Striped Bass, Tuna, Shark, Walleye, Lake Trout.   Whatever the species you target, we have a product for you.
Redi Rig Inline depth control systems enable you to put baits where the fish are.  Without breaking the bank!
Our patented release systems let you set lures or baits with precise depth control and ease.
Our innovative products put you in the strike zone for whatever you’re targeting and the great thing about them is they’re affordable.
We’ve taken depth control management to a new level — a simple one.

Floats release upon fish strike. They slide up your line to a swivel or bead.

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Redi Rig Float

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